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great all-rounder
with experience
in multiple


what do I want?

part-time position at an awesome company

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when do I want it?

Who Are We
Hey, I'm Irina—got two degrees in Architecture, been freelancing in lifestyle photography for 15 years. I like tackling creative stuff with design and branding. I've got a bit of nerdiness and a broad view from living in different places.

Besides taking pics and making cool things, I help small businesses with names, branding, and strategy. my genuine passion is cheering people on and lifting them up.
I love fun and simple design, that brings out the laugh, positive emotion, memorable in a good way. Helping others reach their goals brings me immense joy.

A client once asked me why I hadn't pursued a role as an Art Director. This question sparked a significant shift in my career goals. Now, I am determined to secure a position as an Art Director in a creative agency. I value collaboration and long to rejoin a team where creativity thrives. My aim is to make a substantial contribution to the growth and success of a great company and its clients.

My goal? Bring my immense imagination, intangible creativity, and diverse expertise to a cool team, dive into interesting projects, and keep growing together.

Check out my journey in this portfolio. If you see a chance for us to team up, hit me up. Let's make something great.
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