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great all-rounder
with experience
in multiple


what do I want?

part-time position at an awesome company

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when do I want it?

Who Are We
Hey, I'm Irina—got two degrees in Architecture, been freelancing in lifestyle photography for 15 years. I like tackling creative stuff with design and branding. I've got a bit of nerdiness and a broad view from living in different places.

Besides taking pics and making cool things, I help small businesses with names, branding, and strategy. my genuine passion is cheering people on and lifting them up.
I love fun and simple design, that brings out the laugh, positive emotion, memorable in a good way. Helping others reach their goals brings me immense joy.


Motivated by a suggestion to explore an Art Director role, I'm now eager to contribute my diverse skills in a creative agency setting or join an architecture company in a business intelligence department. I thrive in team environments where collaboration and creativity lead to growth and success.

If you're looking for someone passionate about driving innovative projects and helping brands shine, let's connect. I'm ready to bring my vision and expertise to your team and work together on exciting challenges.

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