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Perfect for you if:

  • You own your own camera and already know a thing or two and would love to try something new

  • You just want to have a sneak peak behind the scenes of my process, learn some fun light tricks and get a few cool portraits of yourself


What to expect?
3-hours evening walk and ride around evening Berlin Mitte

Small group (max 6people)
2 models
at least 1 awesome evening portrait of you by me

Hot non-alc home made mulled punch to stay warm

What will you learn?

  • Low light camera settings

  • Tips and tricks while working with the given light

  • External light sourses and best practices 

  • Different colour skin tones and which light to use and when

  • How to work with models (flattering angles, light, composition)

next dates:  Mondays
27 nov, 11 dec 2023



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