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I am constantly looking for charismatic people, couples, families and creative business owners.


If you would love to have me take some pictures of you, but have a tight budget, I can offer you a great deal!


STEP 1. We have a chat about what we want to shoot together. If we are on the same page, you can get up to a 100% discount for your session. 


STEP 2. We meet for the photoshoot. You sign the model release form.


STEP 3. You patiently wait for me to process and retouch the photos.


STEP 4. After the photos are ready, you get print-ready photos via an archive or an online gallery for you to download. 


STEP 5. I upload them to STOCKSY.


What is                    ?


Stocksy United is an artist-owned digital-licensing co-op. 

It's a community of talented and hardworking people, who are trying to redevelop the approach to stock photography.


Stocksy celebrates the honesty and authenticity in the images as well as treating their contributors fairly. 

Stocksy editors and fellow contributing photographers have been my best teachers so far. 


As a model, what am I allowed to do with the photos? 

You are allowed to print and copy the photos for your personal use or use them for your website (business owners)/portfolio (if you are a professional model). 

You are allowed to publish your photos online in reduced resolution with proper accreditation.  

What does signing the model release mean?

A model release is a liability waiver, it is a legally binding document typically signed by the subject of a photograph granting permission to publish the photograph in one form or another.

It means you allow me to publish your photos on my website and sell them. 

Where might the photos of me end up?

They could end up anywhere from a banner on a road to a blog, magazine or some other product. They are pretty much always used respectfully in different contexts depending on the shoot itself. 

*If I make a profit by selling photos,

why do I still charge for the session?

Stocksy United's collection is carefully curated by greatly talented people. Not all the images will make the cut and be added to the website. Even if they are, it's not guaranteed that any of them make a sale.


I only offer free sessions for models that I've worked with before if the previous photo shoots were commercially successful. Or if I spotted you on the street and gave you my card to contact me. 


If this setup doesn't work for you, I also do photo sessions under the regular conditions and rates. 

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