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frequently asked questions

This list of frequently asked questions is not aimed to replace a personal conversation about your plans, but to provide initial answers, perhaps to questions you have not thought of yet. We will then discuss everything else over a phone chat or a cup of tea.


How do we book a photo session? 

Please contact me with your planned dates, location and preliminary schedule. If I have time, I will schedule an appointment with you soon so we can get to know each other and discuss further details, either in person or via Zoom. To book an appointment, I will ask for a deposit and we will sign a contract.


Will you be traveling or working only in Berlin? 

I would be happy to travel anywhere in Europe you like. The only additional costs would be my transportation and lodging. Contact me 

How far in advance should we book? 

Well, that depends on your event date. Between May and September, Saturdays are usually booked up far in advance. On weekdays or in the off-season, I may be available on shorter notice. Just ask!

What will you be wearing to the event? 

I usually wear a black or dark blue jumpsuit or dress. 

I work best when I can mingle with your wedding guests. However, if your wedding or an event has a specific theme, I like to join in on the carnival. Dressing up for and without an occasion is one of my passions.  


How many photos will you provide? 

Well, that depends on several things. How long is the session gonna go? How much is going on? In what locations? How long? If I've shot a full day, I usually go home with several thousand photos. The hardest and most important part of my process is choosing 500 to 600 photos that really work and editing them for you. As with many things, less is more.


Can you take away my pimple, wrinkle on my dress and add Uncle Ted in? 

I believe in natural, authentic portraits, but I also know you want to look good. 

I edit each of your photos to optimize cropping, lighting and color. What this doesn't include is beauty retouching or special effects. Means I usually remove the distracting skin and clothing blemishes. However, if your uncle Ted can't make it to the wedding, we will have to charge him extra for altering the images. My philosophy for retouching is that if it was not meant to be there (pimple, bruise etc) then I will edit it out.


Will our photos be in full resolution? 

Yes, you will receive your photos in their original resolution as print-ready, edited JPGs on a USB stick or via download link. Without watermarks.


How can our guests see our photos? 

I set up a password-protected online gallery for you, which is available for six months. There your guests can browse through your photos, download photos for free or order prints.


Can we get our photos in RAW format?

Yes! I can provide unedited raw files for an additional fee of 500EUR.


Will you put our photos on your website or instagram? 

I 100% respect the privacy of your photos. But I really enjoy publishing stories, sneak peeks and compiling my personal favourites from each wedding into a mini story on my website. I give a 10% discount for social media publishing consent.  


When will we receive our photos? 

I want you to receive your photos as soon as possible - no later than six weeks after the wedding.


How good is your German? 

I have a funny B2 level. Somehow this language doesn't come as easily to me as English. Besides English and German, I speak Russian and understand a bit of Spanish.

What if you get sick just before our event? 

Fair enough questions nowadays.

Luckily, that has never happened! But I have a great network of colleagues and I will help you find another photographer you trust. And of course, I will refund your deposit in full.

You probably have more questions - please ask me!

I would be happy to hear from you. 

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