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Nestled near Spreewald in Crinitz, 'Zum' unfolds its whimsical charm in a repurposed old pottery. The linguistic play begins with its name, a fusion of "zu" and "dem," creating the playful 'Zum.' When the doors close, only "Zu" remains aglow—a visual tease, beckoning your return. In this quaint setting, tradition meets whimsy, and every toast, whether for "Zum Liebe" or "Zum Glück," becomes a delightful story. The old pottery's rustic allure merges seamlessly with the contemporary flair of 'Zum,' turning each sip into a chapter in Crinitz's narrative. Step inside for an experience where history and humor blend, making 'Zum' more than a bar—it's a captivating journey in the heart of Spreewald.

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