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master om


The logo for this successful natural cosmetic brand from Kazan, Russia, captures the essence of its founder's journey. In a circular frame, the silhouette of the owner stands strong, her profile radiating resilience and determination.


A bouquet of grass, inspired by the visit to the village and the goats producing milk, gracefully extends from her hand. This logo, born from the very first photoshoot, encapsulates the brand's 13-year legacy, blending nature's purity, the founder's spirit, and a commitment to quality. It's not just a symbol; it's a visual testament to the brand's roots, growth, and the enduring connection to the source of its natural essence.

Beyond its visual allure, this logo is a living testament to the brand's legacy—printed over 100,000 times.

master om logo.png

few snapshots from that photo session

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